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The integration between Sage and Togai requires only a one-time setup. Follow the steps below:


  • Navigate to the No code Center section from the left navigation bar in Togai
  • Click on Apps to access the list of apps with tight integration support
  • Locate and select Sage from the available apps
  • Click on the +Add connection button
  • Prompt with list of access policies that you would grant to Togai will be displayed, click on Accept to proceed
  • You will be redirected to Sage login page
  • Enter your Sage credentials and log in to your Sage account
  • Click on Accept to grant Togai access to your Sage account
  • You will be redirected back to Togai and the connection will be added to your account


1. Sync Togai accounts to Sage

  • Flow is triggered when a new account is created in Togai
  • Togai then creates a corresponding customer in Sage and syncs the customer identifier between Togai and Sage, so that the customer can be identified in both systems.
  • The mapping of customer identifier in the Settings tab of every Togai Account. The setting name for MS Dynamics customer identifier in Togai is SageAccountPlatformId.

2. Sync Togai invoices to Sage

  • Flow is triggered when a new invoice is created in Togai
  • Togai then creates a corresponding invoice on the accounting platform, Sage using the customer identifier created in the previous flow.
  • Caution: If the customer does not have a Sage customer identifier, the invoice will not be synced to Sage.