Access the “Admin Center” option from the side menu. Within this section, you can modify your Profile, User Settings, Currencies, Generate API Tokens and perform bulk imports.

1. Profile

View your profile settings on the “Profile” tab. You can update your basic information such as name, email ID, company name and also change password.

2. Users

Access the “Users” tab to view the list of
a. active users from your organisation
b. users who have been invited to use Togai but haven’t accepted the invite\

Additionally, you can also add new users by hitting the “Invite New User” button.

3. Currencies

Togai has a built-in support for multiple currencies to help you serve various geographies across the globe.

Base currency is the default currency for the organisation. All widgets on the dashboard display values in the base currency.
To add multiple currencies:

  1. Hit the “Add New Currency” button
  2. Choose the currency from the dropdown list
  3. Enter the exchange rate to convert the values to your base currency. Please note that once the conversion rate is saved, it cannot be changed.
  4. Confirm the creation of the currency

4. API Tokens

The API Tokens tab helps you generate new tokens and also view a list of the older ones.

To create a new token:

  1. hit the “Generate New Token” button
  2. Copy the secret key
  3. Start using our API’s to configure Togai for your systems!

Please note that you can toggle to deactivate a token and also delete it.

5. Bulk Import

Bulk Import tab allows you to upload a csv file to migrate your customers/accounts into Togai.

To bulk upload from your system:

  1. Hit the “New Import +” button
  2. Choose the import type i.e., Customers or Accounts
  3. Download a sample csv format to arrange your data in the same format
  4. Upload your csv file
  5. Once you’ve selected your csv file to be uploaded, you’ll be prompted to map all fields.
  6. Lastly, you can hit the “Start Import” button to begin importing your data.

6. Price Plan Migration

You can migrate accounts from one plan to another with just a few clicks. Follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the plan you want to migrate your accounts FROM
  2. Select the version of the plan you’ve chosen in the previous step
  3. Choose the price plan you want to migrate your accounts TO
  4. Select how you want this migration to happen. There are 4 options:
    1. Migrate all accounts to new price plan immediately
    2. Migrate all accounts to new price plan from next pricing cycle
    3. Migrate all accounts without overrides to new price plan immediately
    4. Migrate all accounts without overrides to new pricing plan from next pricing cycle

7. Settings

There are 6 entities for which you can create settings.

  • Organization
  • Customer
  • Account
  • Event Schema
  • Usage Meter
  • Add on
  • Price Plan
  • Invoice

In the Admin center, you can create settings for the Organization. For the rest, you can go to the corresponding sections.

Organization wide setting is a metadata component that can be used in certain scenarios like event enrichment and no-code center workflows.

The setting type can be JSON, JSON Logic, Numeric and String.