What is Togai?

Togai is a metering and billing platform for software and SaaS products. It is a purpose built solution for software that monetizes based on usage (consumption) pricing models. In short, Togai helps you:

  • Store and meter the usage of software products
  • Manage the pricing for your products
  • Rate your metered data based on the pricing configured
  • Automate your billing, invoicing and payment workflows for your customers
  • Manage financial reporting and derive insights for your monetization

Togai Platform

Explore Togai

Video templates

Check out our complete list of real world pricing examples as video templates by going to the How-To’s section in the header. You can view a few of them below.

Togai demo app

Check out the Togai demo app here.

This is a view only access to all the features of Togai’s dashboard pre-populated with sample data. You can explore various pre-configured setups for various domains (Cloud infrastructure, AI, SaaS) and roles (Engineering, Product, Finance). For a Togai sandbox account where you can test with actual data and configurations, request access below.

Togai enables product and engineering teams focus on solving customer problems instead of building undifferentiated solutions for usage based billing. We help you go to market faster and provide you the flexibility to price on any model as you scale. To have a chat about your requirements in detail, reach out to us above and our billing experts will be in touch right away.