What are credits?

Credits are a form of value or financial incentive provided to customers by a business. They can be given in various forms, such as free usage units or a specific currency amount.

In some cases, businesses offer customers the option to purchase credits upfront. This can occur when there is a direct cost associated with using the product or service. For example, if a customer anticipates a significant bill for using a particular service, they may want to negotiate a discounted price by purchasing credits in advance. These purchased credits can then be applied toward their future usage, effectively reducing their overall cost.

Applying Credits

Credits can be applied at different levels to a customer.

  1. Applying directly to the entire invoice amount
  2. Set credits at the line item level - like a specific addon, fixed fee, usage meter, license fee etc
  3. Applying credits to all fixed fees, all licenses, all usage meters and so on.

How to create and apply Promotional Credits?

  • Navigate to the customer tab.
  • Create a new customer or select an existing customer.
  • Click on the account associated with the customer.
  • In the account view, locate the options related to credits.
  • Click on the credits section to view and manage credit balances.

To add new credits:

  1. Click on the ”Add Credits” button.
  2. Specify the credit name, and enter the amount.
  3. If applicable, set an expiry date for the credits and assign a priority value.
  4. You can set the Priority for the credit. If there are multiple credit for a customer, this defines the order in which credits will be applied. The number can be from 1-100 and lower the number, higher the priority.
  5. Choose the desired scope of application. You may have options to apply the credits to all usage meters and addons or individual add-ons or usage meters.

  1. Save the credit details. Please note that once saved, the configuration of the credit cannot be modified.

The credits are now added and can be utilized for future invoices. It is important to note that these credits can be applied not only to the entire invoice but also specifically to line items on the invoice.

Note: Once you add a credit, it cannot be edited later.

How to void/delete a credit?

  1. Access the product and navigate to the customer section.
  2. Create a new customer or select an existing customer.
  3. Click on the account associated with the customer.
  4. In the account view, locate the options related to credits.
  5. Choose the option to Void Credits located in the top-right corner.
  6. Confirm in the pop-up that appears that you would like to void the credit.
    Please note that once voided, the action can’t be undone.

Example Scenario:

there’s a customer called John Wick who uses an application ChatPPT. For the billing period of August to Sept 1, this is what his invoice looks like:

Now you can go to the Credits tab and add a credit for the referral customer that John has brought in.

Let’s add a credit of $50 USD to his invoice only on certain usage meters.

His credit has now been added.

The amount he will have to pay for this billing period will then be 100-50 = $50.