In this section, you can view our showcase videos on how to configure Togai for different pricing models and scenarios. We have taken the pricing models and values of various well-known brands and software products and configuring them within Togai.

That’s not all - we also have the added challenge of doing a ‘Speed Run’ - we configure the pricing in Togai within the time it takes a song to play out. Using Togai is that easy!!!

(link takes to showcase)
Pricing model
Value metrics
Eleven LabsUsage based subscriptions (Hybrid)Number of characters, Custom voices
OpusClipUsage based subscriptions (Hybrid)Processing minutes
HypertrackUsage basedPer visit, Per order
LoxoSeat basedNumber of seats
TypeformUsage based subscriptions (Hybrid)Number of responses
HeygenUsage based subscriptions (Hybrid)Total number of video minutes (as credits)
AnthropicUsage basedPer million tokens
Personal.aiUsage based subscriptions (Hybrid)Memories