Creating your customers and assigning price plans to them is the last piece with respect to Togai’s configuration.

Everytime a customer is created, there’s an inherent hierarchy that kicks in.

Create a Customer:

  1. To create a customer via the user interface:
  2. Access the “Customers” option from the side menu
  3. Click the “+ New Customer” button on the top right corner
  4. Enter the Customer Name, Email ID, Customer ID and Billing Address
  5. Confirm this by clicking “Add Customer”

Create an Account:

You’ll notice that once a customer is created, an account is created by default. If you wish to create multiple accounts for a single customer, select the customer:

  1. Click on “Add Account” on the top right corner
  2. Enter the Account Name
  3. Select the currency you want to apply to the account. Once the account level currency is set, it cannot be changed.
  4. Enter an Account ID
  5. You can choose to enter an account alias which will help you uniquely identify the account

On selecting a particular account, you can view information associated with the account categorised as follows:

  1. Account Summary - This view displays the various billing components associated with the price plan. You can also add custom charges to the account on this page by:
    1. Hit the ”+ Add Customer Charges” button
    2. Name - The name of the charge. This name will be displayed in the invoice to identify the specific charge being added. Choose a descriptive name that accurately represents the charge.
    3. Value - The value of the charge. Currently, the value is a fixed amount denominated in the same currency as the invoice currency of the corresponding account. Specify the charge amount based on the applicable currency.
  2. Price Plan Schedule - This view represents the billing schedule of price plans. You can also attach a new price plan for a new billing schedule for a particular account.
  3. Credits - The credits tab shows an overview of active credits, closing balance, running balance, inapplicable balance. You can also add credits by hitting the “Add Credits” button. Read more about credits here.
  4. Invoices - This view displays all invoices associated with the particular account

Edit a Customer:

  1. Select the “Edit Customer” option on the top right corner
  2. This view will allow you to edit Customer Name, Email ID and Billing Address. Please note that the Customer ID is not an editable field.

To view a list of all Customers, access the Customers view from the side menu.

You can also create and manage Customers using our API.