Togai provides a customer portal for end users to view and manage their price plans, check their pricing schedule, view usage and cost metrics in real-time and the billing details including the invoices. To enable customer portal, you can create contacts in the Contacts tab in the Customer detail view page.

Togai also provides ability to manage access and roles for contacts under a customer. To add a contact, provide the name and email and proceed to setup the access - you can enable read/write access and also configure which accounts a contact has access for in the customer portal.

There are 2 ways a contact can access the Customer portal -

  1. Authenticated link - You can directly link the Togai customer portal in your dashboard, by generating a portal token and passing the portal token as a query parameter in this customer portal link:{organization_id}?access-token={portal_token}

  2. Username & password - You can send a verification email to the contact’s mail id using which they can access the customer portal in a separate dashboard, and set their password. Once that is done, they can use their email and password to login to their customer portal in this link:{organization_id}

You can check the organization_id by viewing the customer portal link in any of your customer details.