Invoice templates are exactly what they refer to. It is a template that you can customize and create which can be associated as the invoice pdf generation format for the accounts/account groups that are invoiced. Invoice templates are accessible inside the admin center in Togai. Click here for quick access.

Create a template

There are 2 options to create an invoice template - you can use Togai’s WYSIWIG (What you see is what you get) editor and create a template. Or you can upload your own HTML template. A sample reference template is available here.

In the WYSIWIG editor, you can configure and style your template on the layout as well as customize other global options like Fonts, color, header and footer. You can also add your own logo to the invoice template. All the fields captured while creating an account can be used while generating the template.

Associate a template

Once you have saved a template, you can associate it to any number of accounts as well as account groups by navigating to the accounts/groups page. Once the template is set for an account, the pdf preview and download happens in that format. Your customers will also receive the invoice in the same format as chosen in the template.

Currently, you cannot regenerate past invoices using a new template