Businesses that generate a high volume of transactions could demand a separate price based on their predicted volume of sales or revenue. This negotiation could happen between you, the business provider and the customer, and the decided price can be stored against the customer subscription.

These overrides are generally provided to acquire large enterprise customers and each customer will have their own pricing requirements on procurement. These deal details are not accessible for other customers and are bound by contract terms covering legal and privacy requirements. Your sales teams can utilize the Price Override feature to handle customer specific pricing for their customers.

Now on to how overrides work.

  1. Go to the plan you want to attach to an account and click on +Attach Plan to Account at the top
  2. Choose the account you want to attach to the plan. You can then turn on the “Add Cycle Override” if you want to override the pricing cycle start date for that particular customer.

If you’ve created a customer and you want to now override their price plan configuration details and/or pricing cycle details:

  1. Click on Customers tab
  2. Search for their Name and click on it. The Customer Details tab opens. Click on the account.
  3. And then click on Price Plan Schedule tab.
  4. Click on the Override Price Plan button
  5. You can edit the “Effective From Date”.
  6. To override Pricing cycle details, turn on the “Override Price Plan Cycle” toggle. You can then edit details such as Pricing cycle, Pricing Cycle start date, and Grace Period.
  7. To override Price Plan Configuration details, turn on the “Override Price Plan Configuration” toggle and click on Proceed button.
  8. You can now add custom License and Fixed fees for an account.
  9. You can also edit existing fees by clicking ont he “+Add Override” option inside each fee.
  10. Once you’re done, click on “Apply Overrides” button to finish.