👋 The story of Togai born from Hypto

Togai’s founding team is the same that built Hypto - a payments infrastructure company that handled 100+ millions of transactions, worth over $ 30Bn and billions of API requests within 24 months. We understand the complexity of building such a system that can also scale as you scale up.

The biggest problem that we ourselves faced at Hypto was obvious - no matter whom we spoke to, everyone was amazed by the amount of payments that we were processing. They were equally, if not more, shocked by the value we captured out of the payments we processed. While we processed over US$ 30 billion in the last 2 years, we captured a little under US$ 3 million as the value. Unfortunately, there was very little we could do about it. We started thinking of how to solve this problem and spoke with 100s of SaaS companies that felt the same and were handicapped by the amount of value they were able to capture in relation to the value they provided to their customers.

💰 Find the hidden value behind your SaaS

Every SaaS company and founder faces the same problem of capturing the value they have created in the market. All the above questions pointed to a single thing - founders and startups do not have a scientific approach to pricing their products. In fact, 95%+ startups we spoke to, gave their product for free at launch. The pricing was an afterthought and it was never analyzed in detail. We decided to solve this problem since it came from the pressing need of having to solve it for ourselves in our previous avatar as Hypto.

Togai is derived from the Tamil word ‘Thogai’ which means HIDDEN VALUE. Conceptualized from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India we are building for the world of SaaS to unlock the untapped value in your business. At Togai, we understand that as a SaaS company, you are the hero in our journey. We need to empower you with the right tools to identify what works for you. Pricing strategy has been a one-way door decision (irreversible), until now. Togai is the product that makes your pricing strategy into a two-way door and reversible. Focus on creating value, we help you capture it.