Togai automatically generates invoices for each customer based on their billing cycles.

When you access the “Invoices” option on the side menu, you’ll be able to view a list of:
a. Historical Invoices
b. Ongoing Invoices

On selecting any of these invoices, you can view the detailed invoice items present. For example: the attached price plan, line items of each usage meter, total due amount, etc.

Custom Charges:

Add Custom Charges to an Invoice - the “Add Custom Charges” feature allows you to include additional charges in an upcoming or ongoing invoice. This feature enhances flexibility and provides an accurate representation of charges to your customers.

  1. To add a custom charge to an ongoing invoice:
    1. Navigate to Invoices -> Ongoing Invoices, and click on the invoice you want to add the charges to.
    2. Click on the ‘+ Add Customer Charges’ and provide the following properties:
      • Name: The name of the charge. This name will be displayed in the invoice to identify the specific charge being added. Choose a descriptive name that accurately represents the charge.
      • Value: The value of the charge. Currently, the value is a fixed amount denominated in the same currency as the invoice currency of the corresponding account. Specify the charge amount based on the applicable currency.

Note: Today, these charges are fixed values.


  1. You can group invoice line items by adding tags to the rate cards in a price plan
  2. The Payment status inside the invoices section shows if your customer has paid or not. On payment confirmation, the invoice is marked as Paid. If not, it’s shown as Payment pending.

You can also list and fetch Invoices using our API.