is an open-source monitoring and alerting toolkit widely used in the IT industry, empowering organizations to gather and analyze metrics from their systems to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

The integration between Prometheus and Togai requires only a one-time setup. Follow the steps below:


  • Navigate to the Integrations section from the left navigation bar in Togai
  • Click on Apps to access the list of apps with integration support
  • Select Prometheus from the available apps
  • Click on the +Add connection button
  • Provide a name for the connection and paste your:
    • Base URL

Base URL

Prometheus Graph Screen

  • Obtain the network address of your Prometheus instance. This is the address you use to access the Prometheus server. It is usually in the format http://<prometheus-server-ip>:<prometheus-service-port>. For example, http://localhost:9090 when running locally.
  • Paste the network address in the Base URL field in Togai.

In order to access the Prometheus server from outside the local network, you need to expose the Prometheus server port. You can use a tool like ngrok to expose the Prometheus server port.


1. Ingest data from Prometheus

  • The flow can be triggered by on demand triggered.
  • Create flow connection by choosing the appropriate app connections from the dropdown. Trigger Now Button
  • Once the flow connection is created, navigate to Flow connections on the top navigation bar and click on the Trigger now button to trigger the flow. Trigger Payload
  • The flow takes an array of queries:
    • query: The query to be executed on the Prometheus server, usually the remaining part of the URL after the base URL.
    • schemaKey: The schema key to be used to map the data from Prometheus to the Togai Event Schema.
    • accountKey: The account key to be used to map the data to corresponding Togai Accounts to which the data belongs to.
    • attributeName: The attribute name of a Togai Event Schema to which the queried data should be mapped to.
  • The flow will ingest the data from Prometheus as events into Togai.