Proposals in togai is a document used to inform a potential buyer the cost of goods or services before they commit to the purchase. Proposals can be created for a new subscription, changes to existing subscriptions (such as plan upgrades, applying addons and so on) and for one-time charges. A proposal is useful in enabling you to implement internal purchase approval processes at your end. After a proposal is accepted, you can create a new association to the price plan or update the existing association with the changes and an invoice gets created to denote completion of purchase.

Create proposal:

  1. Head to the Customer tab and select the customer/account that you need to send a proposal to.
  2. Click on their account and go to the Proposal tab
  3. Click on +Create Proposal button
  4. Choose the payment mode that this customer will have to abide by - Prepaid or Postpaid
  5. Define the expiry date for this proposal. If the customer you’re sending this to doesn’t accept it by then, the proposal will expire and the association of the plan to the customer will not happen
  6. Choose the Price plan corresponding to this customer and choose the date till which this will recur.
  7. You can also create a custom plan for this customer by overriding the price plan cycle and configuration.

Note: We are currently in the last leg of building a DocuSign integration which will be used to implement the acceptance of proposal.