Add-ons allow you to define a variable for a one-off fee or creating licenses. For instance, add-ons can be used to apply one-time fees such as a Setup fee or define the number of seat based licenses a customer wishes to purchase.

Additionally, since the dollar value of these add-ons are only assigned while adding them to a price plan, the add-ons can be recycled with multiple values across different price plans.

To create an Add-On via the user interface:

  1. Access the Billable Items option on the side menu.
  2. Choose the “Add-Ons” tab.
  3. Hit the “+ New Add-on” button.
  4. Enter a name for the Add-On.
  5. Choose the type of Add-On from the dropdown list
    1. License - allows you to charge your customers based on the number of seats or licenses they require.
    2. Fixed Fee - allows you to charge a standard fee, independent of usage components. For example, a platform fees of $2000.
  6. Hit “Create Add-on” button.

Once the add-ons are created, you can access the Add-ons view to scan a list of All Add-ons.

You can also create and update Add-Ons by using our API.